Marble Slabs: GTA Designers Put a Classic Touch on Modern Decorating

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Marble slabs and modern decorating: continue reading to discover how GTA buyers are learning how to use marble in modern decorating styles.

A Classic Choice

Of the natural stones used in home decorating, marble most certainly is the classic. This natural stone is a metamorphic stone and is formed of recrystallized carbonite minerals reacting with limestone.  Reacting under enormous pressure, beautiful, veiny patterns are created. Marble is often thought of as an obvious choice for floors and countertops, given its natural durability and resistance to temperature changes. When renovating a home, buyers often selected marble for its luxurious and rich appearance. The swirly, milky patterns offer a supple and soft look that is unparalleled. In the past few decades however, marble has not been as popular as other natural stones like granite and quartz. Trends in home design are showing a comeback of sorts for marble, but in unconventional ways. Instead of the more traditional use for marble slabs, GTA buyers are using marble to compliment other design elements. By using marbles in accent pieces and backsplashes, different rooms of the house are making quite the statement!

Marble Modernization

A fresh new way of using marble is to add fire to it! Modern fire places are encased in marble, adding a luxurious feel to the room. The properties of this natural stone support the functional needs of the fire place while adding a striking focal point. Usually made of warmer brick, fireplaces are difficult to maintain and to keep clean. Marble gives a smooth and clean look with fine edges and swirling patterns that contrast beautifully. Using the same slab of marble to create a mantelpiece will add a dramatic touch as well.
In living spaces, consider using marble furniture, such as dining tables or coffee tables. The durable and wear-resistant surface will offer functional benefits as well. Easy to clean and more durable than wood or glass, marble furniture can withstand more wear and tear.

Accenting with Marble

In the bathroom, try using corner shelves in the shower or bathroom with marble. Backsplashes are often made of glass and stone tiles in a mosaic pattern. Using marble slabs, GTA designers create a uniform design that is truly eye catching. Natural patterns are put on display in ways marble tile simply cannot. The right slab of marble has the ability to bring different design elements together and offer a character all its own.
Instead of using marble tiles for flooring or walls, designers are using marble slabs. By adding a centre piece to the floor, you can complement a dining set nicely, tying in both designs and making more of a statement. Contrasting textures of wood and stone also offers a beautiful look with a touch of class. Use marble in the foyer or along a stair case for the full effect of these two natural materials.


Lastly, consider using one or two accessories that incorporate marble. Lamps with marble bases, mirrors or sculptures can add just the right touch to the bedroom. Tie an adjoining bathroom by matching your accessories to a similar style of marble. Use marble cutting boards or towel holders on contrasting countertops, (for example, using white marble on a darker colour countertop.) There are richer shades of marble, in browns and reds, which offer a warmer feel to any room of the house. GTA designers are returning to the classic feel of marble, while giving it a more modern spin. Choose this luxurious natural stone to give any room in your house an upgrade.